Educational Materials for cancer patient navigators

Questions to ask when you or someone you love has cancer (Booklet)

This book of questions is filled with hundreds of frequently asked questions about cancer care. A tool for Navigators to help their patients identify questions the may have for their cancer care.

When You Need Help with Cancer Care, a Cancer Patient Navigator Can Help (Pamphlet)

This brochure describes a navigator and how a patient can benefit from his/her services. A space is provided for Navigators to add their name and contact information on the back panel.

Cancer Patient Navigator Quick Tips (Booklet)

This booklet is a quick reference guide for Navigators. It contains information on Medicare/Medicaid, and End-of-Life resources.

Managing Your Cancer Care Records (Booklet)

This booklet is designed to help patients organize and keep track of paperwork related to their cancer care.

Eating Hints When You are in Cancer Treatment (Supplement)

A supplement to NCI's Nutrition Eating Hints during Cancer Treatment with lists of suggested local foods for specific diets while on cancer treatment.